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Game Website:


What I Like:

– Minimal design: I have never seen such a minimal user interface for a game (or any website)

– Interactive onboarding experience: look at the animated tutorial, not using a single word, look at the blinking blue dot, just do it

– Instant feedback: “X Nodes remaining” message shows up every time you used a node


Game Mechanics:

– The less node you use, the better you are

– In addition, you are compared with other players: “This stage has been completed with 7 nodes. Think you can do better? Try again” – good to know what’s the minimal number of nodes used and how far am I from it.


What Can be Improved:

– When player matched the best score, allow them to share it on social media: “You matched the best score achieved for this level! Share” – Using the winning moment as the best opportunity to share/promote your product.