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What I Like:

– The strikingly futuristic visual design

The well-implemented vectorial graphics makes the game experience feel “Like Usain Bolt trapped in a feverish Tron daydream”. Indeed, every pixel is drawn to convey the maximum sense of speed, an exhilarating journey through light and void.

– The ambient electronic soundtrack

– Simple one-tap control


Game Mechanics:

Fotonica is a first-person endless runner game focusing the thrill of speed and traveling flawlessly through complex environments.

– User collects red dots while running and gets a score by the end of the run, which is sharable via social media

– If the score passes the baseline, user is able to unlock the next level (8 level in total)

– User can choose difficulty levels between “Normal” and “Hard”

– User enters into the “gold” mode automatically when reaches enough speed during running

– Besides “Arcade” mode, user can choose “Endless” or “Versus”

– Achievements and Leaderboards are viewable via game center


Little Big Details:

Ending screen is dynamic:

When you failed the level by falling off the platform, instead of showing a static screen with score and “retry” prompt, the game shows you the endless falling screen with the main character’s hands struggled trying to grab anything in the void – it is actually scary – a level of depth that you wouldn’t imagine for a single-button game.


My Thoughts for Mobile App:

Although the one-button control is simple, it is a reversed control compared to other runner games. The popular endless runner games like Temple Run or Alto’s Adventure let user running by default without touching the screen, user only need to tap screen when jumping or other activities are needed. On the one hand, it took me a while to get used to this reversed control. On the other hand, this reversed control makes the game more intense to play.


Fotonica is developed by Santa Ragione – a two-person indie game studio based in Milan, Italy.

The art and promotional illustration is created by Gabriele Brombin.