Game Website:


What I Like:

– Breathtaking visual (Look at the logo! Every screenshot of this game is a piece of art!)

– Brilliant music and sound design (unique atmosphere)

– One-tap control (play anywhere anytime)


Game Mechanics:

– User collects coins to purchase or upgrade tools/skills (development & accomplishment)

– User gets a score by the end of the run (sum of distance, coins, llamas, goals, etc) and can share it on social network (social influence)

– User has to complete three goals in order to level up (increase game playability, development & accomplishment)

– User can unlock players by reaching certain level (scarcity)

– The locked players are shown as silhouette (unpredictability & curiosity)


Little Big Details:

– Game has day and night (interchange in about 5 minutes), as well as random weather (snow and rainstorm) – gives user a sense of time – “I have been playing from dawn to dusk in the game, maybe it’s time to put it down.”